*** As of November 2018 Michelle White Photography is now Reiko White Photography ***


Welcome to my little photography corner.  My name is Michelle Reiko White.  Anyone ever watch David Letterman? He used to do a Top 10 list, thought that would be fun way to tell you about me. 

10.  My love of photography started back in High School.  Mr. Nelson was my teacher.  Black and white FILM pictures back then.

9. Over the years I have taken many classes, gone to conferences, read books, looked at beautiful images, and watched countless hours of videos on photography.

8. I love Coca Cola, but sadly am trying to take it out of my diet.

7. Moved to Phoenix, AZ back in 1993 with my husband.

6.  I have two kids, a boy and a girl (teenagers, yikes!)

5. My sister bought me my first DSLR back in 2007.  So basically she started my business.

4. Before having kids I was a teacher. I love kids, they are so amazing and funny.

3.  I am half Japanese and half Irish (hence all the freckles)

2. Most of my photography is done on location with natural light.  I have a small studio in my home for all other sessions.

  1. I love that a picture can tell a story without any words.