Hello – My name is Michelle… my middle name is Reiko (Rayco).. You can call me either.
I started taking pictures with a FILM camera back in High School, my Dad had an old Olympus that shot 1/2 frames (which I thought was awesome – 2x the shots for the same film!).
Went to college and took a couple photography classes and loved it. When I had my son I broke out the old camera and took some pictures of him. My SISTER was so Fabulous and bought me my first DSLR camera when my daughter was born, this started my business! Thanks, Sis.

Over the years I have taken lots of classes about photography and all the related areas, attended several conferences, and taken courses online to further my knowledge in photography.

I love that an image can make you laugh or cry. I love that an image can tell you about someones personality. I love that an image can make you smile. I love that an image can capture a memory. I love that an image can FREEZE time.

Everyone has their own style of photography. Here are my words to describe my photography:
Simple, Pure, Real, Natural, Focused, Clean